Six Spiritual Strongholds

Spiritual StrongholdsAs a team we have identified “Six Spiritual Strongholds” which we believe hold keys to community transformation.
We’ve created Prayer Bulletin Guides to provide a resource for individuals and churches use to pray for the aspects of community life.
Initially these were used in the run-up to Shropshire Hope Explosion in 2014 but we still believe there is a need to pray for these areas.
We hope you will pray over your community with us.

Each Prayer Bulletin Guide contains:

  • A corporate prayer which can be prayed at Church Services or in small groups etc.
  • Other information and ideas for prayer and discussion
  • A Resources section offering additional insights

The “Six Spiritual Strongholds” are:

  • Family Life & Relationships
  • Schools & Education
  • National & Local Government
  • Economy & Employment
  • Law & Order
  • Spiritual Renewal

Click a picture below to access the Prayer Bulletin Guidesfamilylifeschoolseducationnationallocalgovernmenteconomyemploymentlawandorderspiritualrenewal